Artist Statement

Deborah Davis is involved in artistic exploration mainly through the realization of large format works in mixed media and printmaking. The two disciplines are a source of inspiration as one for the other.

When using mixed media, the artist emphasizes the realization of large-scale works. Wood surfaces on wich her works are worked, allow the artist to use different techniques, while provinding space for a creative act based on a spontaneous and rich gesture. It is in that space that the silent forces of nature settle and guide her creation. Throughout creation, a work appears, and them (then ?)desconstructs in new features. The work is not a one way ticket to a known destination. It is a succession of revivals. A breath that comes and goes...

Deborah Davis works offer to the viewer a world where dimensions and perpectives transcend the laws of nature. The artist questions her day by day and revisit her memories to generate a mix of emotions that transform reality to images. Through her approach, the artist seeks to transport the viewers to the heart of their own universe. By navigating through the immensity of solitude, she leads viewers to reconsider, in turn, and question their own reality.

The exploration of new visual world and exploring the matter are the ingine of the crative process of Deborah Davis. This passion for the artistic exploration is to continuously open up new experiments to support her quest.

The movement of its expression evolves through a continuous exploration of the matter.